City of Zion dApps competition


The City of Zion hosted their second dApps competition to further elevate the NEO community through collaborative engagement. Below are the winners and honourable mentions that we really felt stood out.

dAPPs Winners!

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1st: Treatail

By: gubanotorious

Treatail enables online shoppers to make offers to any online store and negotiate a personalized deal. With the addition of a NEP5 Token (TTL) to incent both buyers and sellers, in addition to creating Treatail Assets verified by the NEO blockchain, Treatail aims to bring the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the retail market to the average user.

Visit Treatail Treatail GitHub
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2nd: Elight

By: ankarenkosergey, leonid

Elight is the project designed to automate thermo logistics processes. It includes the possibility of interaction between temperature data logger device, mobile app and blockchain, where Smart Contracts implementation is the key feature. This project can bring a part of Smart Economy into traditional market.

Visit Elight Elight GitHub
Winner medal

3rd: Precognition

By: ixje

The application presented here addresses the currently uncovered Prediction Markets segment that is envisioned for in the original NEO White paper (Note: exchanges are a separate category). Precognition is a decentralized prediction market application running on the NEO Blockchain which allows people to speculate on future events using any NEP5Token.

Visit Precognition Precognition GitHub
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4th: Anno

By: jeffreylewis

Anno is a decentralized ticket reservation platform with the aim to improve the integrity of online ticket reservations by providing an easy solution for businesses to utilize the programmable logic and immutability of smart contracts on the NEO blockchain.

Visit Anno Anno GitHub
Winner medal

5th: Narrative

By: brianlenz

Our dApp is an end-to-end, fully functional NEP-5 token sale system for the token of Narrative's new content economy: NRVE. The token sale smart contract supports advanced sale features including multiple phases with different bonuses, separate token distribution mechanisms with vesting schedules, and more.

Visit Narrative Narrative GitHub
Winner medal

6th: Sendeo

By: slipo, l0c0luke

Sendeo is a smart contract on the NEO blockchain that makes it really easy to send NEO or GAS to anyone, even if they don’t have a NEO address.

Visit Sendeo Sendeo GitHub
Winner medal

7th: SciChain

By: igormcoelho, vncoelho, fabiocardoso, brunonazario

We propose SciChain: Science on the Blockchain. This DApp provides a transparent peer-review system that can become the new generation science management platform for scientific publishers and researchers.

Visit SciChain SciChain GitHub
Winner medal

8th: adX

By: applebananas

adX is a great novel tool for vendors (cafes, restaurants, stores, etc) to engage people in collecting ads and coupons. adX is a geolocation based Augmented Reality mobile application on NEO.

Visit adX adX GitHub
Winner medal

9th: Neoblog

By: drppr, legiit

Neoblog is a public blogging platform that's completely serverless. Reading and posting articles to our platform require no servers and runs completely on the NEO Blockchain and IPFS.

Visit Neoblog Neoblog GitHub
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10th: The Construct

By: nickazg

The Construct implements a unique funding structure which relies on a planned project Funding Roadmap, specifying the exact process the project will take to reach the proposed output.

The Construct GitHub

Honourable mentions

Winner medal

NEO Futures

By: wingyungchan

First multi-oracle approach to third party consensus for blockchain

Visit NEO Futures NEO Futures GitHub
Honourable mention medal

NEO GAS Liquid (NGL)

By: amarillo

The NEO GAS Liquid smart contract is a secured loan contract.

NGL Github
Winner medal

Survey Token

By: mel

Have you ever filled a survey or review and not been rewarded for it? With Survey token we remove the middleman like SurveyMonkey and G2Crowd and redistribute the money to people taking the survey and adding reviews.

Survey Token GitHub
Winner medal


By: wollen, jknnr

Own your personal information, having it stored in safe place through a user-friendly app, to be aware of who has an access to your info, to safely share or sell your data.

Visit Generion Generion GitHub
Winner medal

Green Deal

By: tingwai-to

NEO smart contract for purchasing group discounts

Green Deal GitHub